Smoking Kills


Peter Hujar. David Wojnarowicz Reclining (II) vintage gelatin silver print
titled and dated verso in pencil estate and copyright stamp verso in ink;
signed verso in pencil by Stephen Koch,for the Estate of Peter Hujar
print made by the artist. Maureen Paley


Pablo Picasso


Dinosaur bone cells from the Morrison Formation in Utah that have been petrified with silica and quartz crystals. The Morrison Formation features dinosaur fossils dating back to the Late Jurassic period.

Image by Douglas Moore, University of Wisconsin.

Arthur Gosse photographed by Bruno Staub for Doingbird #14 Fall 2012



Raf Simons A/W 2010 Casting x Leanne Eisen, Scan.

(if you’re reading this i hope you know you’re wanted)


A tongue of lava oozes out from beneath the recently cooled crust of a flow. The silica contained within, reflects the early morning sunlight, giving its surface a glassy sheen.

Photo and caption credit: Bruce Omori

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Vivienne Westwood F/W 2012 rtw

I think I’m going to die today

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Self-portraits/color experiments